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AACSB Timeline Banner Design for
Thompson Rivers University

Banner Design


In early 2023, Bob Gaglardi School of Business & Economics of the Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, BC was going through AACSB's Initial Accreditation Process.

The school wanted me to design a 8ftx3ft timeline banner to help engage stakeholders, faculty members and students to keep them up to date with the advancements in the process.


The initial brief included a tabulated mockup detailing the desired banner setup. It outlined the accreditation process, which was divided into five distinct phases, and highlighted the specifics of each phase. The mockup provided a clear visual representation of the layout, color schemes, and text placement. Additionally, it included guidelines for font sizes, image dimensions, and interactive elements. Each phase of the accreditation process was thoroughly explained, with key milestones, deadlines, and required documentation specified. This comprehensive brief ensured that all stakeholders had a clear understanding of the project's scope and objectives.


Phase 1

Since this was going to be a timeline, I was well aware that the banner should have a sense of direction. Building on the Initial Brief and some reference images, this was the first draft presented to the school. The initial design emphasized a clear chronological flow, with arrows and distinct sections marking each phase. The color palette was chosen to be visually appealing and easily distinguishable. Additionally, placeholders for important dates and milestones were incorporated. Feedback from the school was positive, highlighting the clarity and professional appearance of the draft. This phase set the foundation for further refinements and detailed enhancements.


Phase 2

Once the layout of the banner was reviewed and finalized, I started working on the color scheme, fonts, and other graphic elements based on TRU's brand guidelines. This phase involved selecting

a cohesive color palette that aligned with TRU's identity, ensuring consistency and visual harmony. Typography choices were carefully made to enhance readability and maintain a professional look. Graphic elements, such as icons and logos, were integrated to support the content and add visual interest. Additionally, I collaborated with the marketing team to ensure all elements adhered to TRU's branding standards. This comprehensive approach ensured a polished and cohesive design.


The Banner

The banner was designed after multiple iterations and feedback rounds. It utilized TRU's Primary and Secondary colors, incorporating the hexagon pattern in the top-right and bottom-left corners. Subtle gradients and shadows enhanced the visual appeal. The 5-point star marker on the timeline was printed on separate adhesive vinyl for mobility, allowing real-time updates. Icons and callout boxes highlighted key milestones and dates, making the banner dynamic and interactive.


The final design was informative and visually engaging, effectively communicating the accreditation process while ensuring aesthetic appeal and functionality through careful font selection and balanced graphical elements.

AACSB Banner-jpg_07-Expanded
AACSB banner photo 9
AACSB banner photo 10
AACSB banner photo 3
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