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AANP Naturopathic Profession
Benchmarking Survey

Infographic Report Design


Key Insights

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP) periodically conducts benchmarking surveys of the naturopathic profession, to measure trends and inform the Association’s priorities. This survey’s objectives were to illuminate the post-pandemic landscape of our profession.

The key insights gained from the survey were as follows:

  • Demographic Trends

  • Patient Demographics and Motivations

  • Preferred Modalities

  • Pandemic’s Impact on Practices

  • Naturopathic Community’s Priorities

  • Income Trends Across Career Stages



Most respondents are using their naturopathic degree in their work. Most respondents who use their naturopathic degree are in clinical practice.

Are you currently using your naturopathic degree?


Largest age demographic of patients you treat


The largest age demographic treated by respondents are those between the ages of 41 and 65. This proportion of patients increase by graduate status. NDs starting their career are more likely to see patients between the ages of 18 and 40.


Distribution of responses by graduate status and race/ethnicity


Understanding the demographics of naturopathic physicians is important for promoting diversity and inclusion. This graph shows the approximate proportional distribution of responses by graduate status and race/ethnicity.


The Report

The report was published and made available to the general public in May 2024.

My Learnings

Designing an infographic report for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians Naturopathic Profession Benchmarking Survey 2022 was a deeply enlightening experience. Over the course of a month, we gathered data from more than 500 respondents, including students, recent graduates, mid-career, and later career professionals enrolled in AANP's Naturopathic program. The process of transforming raw survey data into visually compelling infographics taught me the power of visualization in making complex information accessible and engaging.

  • Demographic trends were converted into vibrant, easy-to-read charts, highlighting the diverse tapestry of practitioners shaping the future of naturopathic medicine.

  • Patient demographics and motivations were depicted through layered graphs, clarifying who seeks naturopathic care and their underlying motivations.

  • Preferred modalities within naturopathic practice were illustrated using icons and color-coded sections, guiding advocacy efforts and tailoring educational resources.

The pandemic’s impact on practices was starkly visualized through before-and-after comparisons, showing how naturopathic clinics adapted to new challenges. Community priorities were encapsulated in a concise infographic, aligning our strategic direction with community aspirations. Income trends across career stages were represented through bar charts, offering a clear view of the financial landscape for naturopathic physicians. This project highlighted the importance of clear, impactful communication in driving understanding and action within the naturopathic community.​

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